Monday, September 06, 2010

Nana & Papa's Visit: July 2010

We were so glad Jess's mom and dad got to come in July. We were all just certain Moses would arrive by the end of June, so imagine our surprise when he overshot his due date and waited just about 36 hours after their arrival in Istanbul to make his debut!

So, the first day, as bleary-eyed Nana & Papa got used to our time zone, we enjoyed a picnic at the seaside park:
complete with a soccer game
and rock climbing!
That night, labor contractions began, and by the next morning, they were holding their 8th grandchild in their arms-- Moses Henry had arrived!
Enjoying getting to know him...
...burp him... movies while holding him...
We were all so glad Moses had waited until after their arrival! It made it all the more special.

Of course the other kids got lots of Nana & Papa time too!

It was such a special visit, and we're all so thankful for the week we had together!

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